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How to update?

To update, go to Tools - Internet Update. You will need to download the update files before proceeding with the installation. You can also update from https://download.siga.net/en/FINA

How to make a backup copy?

Go to the Home menu - Save then, select Save the current company. Click on the three small dots to open Windows Explorer and choose the location of your backup.

Edit the file name or add notes as needed and click Save.

What are the required computer configurations ?

The required computer configurations for SigaFinance evo software can be found here : Sigafinance Evo


How to register ?
The customer area allows you to consult and pay your invoices, download your software and obtain your licence codes. You can register by following this link: https://client.siga.net/RequestInvitation
How do I pay my bill ?

You can pay your invoice by credit card from the Customer Area or by direct deposit (Desjardins, Bank of Montreal, RBC, National Bank and Laurentian Bank) by entering the name of the enterprise: SIGA Informatique 2000 Inc. Your customer number is displayed on your invoice.

What do I need to do if I want to install the software on a new computer?

First, do a data backup, either on a USB drive or online with the data on the old computer so that you can restore that backup on the new computer. 

Visit https://download.siga.net/en/FINA to download the software. Select the software, enter your license code (it can be found on your annual subscription invoice) and choose Complete Installation. Once the installation is complete, enter the license code to activate the software. If a warning message indicates that the license is already in use on another computer, choose to replace that license.

Then recover the backup copy of your data by going to Home - Restore

Where can I find my license code ?

You can find your license code on your annual subscription invoice. It is also displayed in the License section of your Customer Area.


Can I transfer my current SigaFinance accounting to the new SigaFinance evo?

Current SigaFinance clients can now migrate to the new SigaFinance evo accounting software. Contact the Sales Department directly at 1-800-567-0915. A representative will explain the procedure and recover the data for conversion to SigaFinance evo. A purchase cost is applicable as well as a cost for converting the data.

Note that the Invoicing module is currently under development. For now, it is not possible for clients with this module to migrate to SigaFinance evo.


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