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Are you a dairy producer and are you looking for time saving and efficiency solutions for your administrative tasks and for the management of your field? Find out how our SigaFinance evo and GEOFOLIA software can help you in your day-to-day business management.

Simplified accounting!

SigaFinance evo

No more puzzles! With the right tools, managing your accounting becomes a routine to take care of your company books. Avoid red tape by adapting your tools to your objectives!

Adapted to the specific agricultural characteristics SigaFinance evo facilitates the accounting management of your holding. Trigger several automation and daily transactions with personalized settings and support in private training to make your tool meet your needs.

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Save time

Trigger the software's many automated actions to simplify daily transactions or avoid recurring seizures. Use the different wizards to avoid mistakes or errors.


Manage your employees

The pay module ensures that you are in compliance with the regulations, such as payroll deductions, statements of employment (statement 1, T4). Create groups of employees with a few clicks to speed up the payroll process. (Management of hours worked, deductions, taxable benefits, etc.).


The simplified tool for field management


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With the Geofolia field management solution, make it easy to track your day-to day interventions. Optimize the data in your fields and secure your practices for 100% traceability in compliance with the regulations.


Automate the editing of your administrative documents such as: fertilization notebook,  Forecast Plan, Phytosanitary Register and more...


Discover Geofolia

Geo-referenced map

Use the geo-referenced map to create a detailed and accurate farm plan. Integrate your .shp files, soil analyzes and create the spreading constraints. Determine your crop rotation plan by field and year. Follow the evolution of your crops with vegetation index maps.

Real-ti data sharing

View and input your data in real time. Provide access to your employees or stakeholders so that everyone is well informed about your work (possible off-grid use).

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Keep an eye on your finances

As a dairy farmer, you produce the majority of the feed for your herd. With the data collected by GEOFOLIA, measure the real production cost of feeding your cows. The dashboard will allow you to quickly review your production costs and calculate your profitability according to various parameters.

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Web billing tool



Web Invoicing

The new Sigabill online invoicing module allows for the comprehensive management of the invoicing process. This module includes essential features such as invoice creation, client management, payment tracking, and financial report generation. Its user-friendly interface ensures robust data security and adaptability to the specific needs of the user.

Choose our web invoicing module to optimize your financial process, enhance transparency, and ensure efficient management of your transactions.

Simplify your financial management today and position your company on the path to success.


In addition to our personalized support service, you and your clients also benefit from private training sessions on the Sigabill module. These training sessions provide an in-depth understanding of the software, allowing for tailored customization and optimal data communication. This ensures optimal use of the software and enhances the efficiency of your utilization!


FRAQ member?

Members of the Fédération de la Relève Agricole du Québec obtain exclusive discounts on the acquisition of SigaFinance evo and GEOFOLIA software!*

  • 20% discount on the purchase of SigaFinance evo software
  • 50% discount on the purchase of GEOFOLIA software
  • 1 hour of personalized support when purchasing SigaFinance evo and/or GEOFOLIA software

*Certain conditions apply, contact us for details.


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