The new generation swine management solution

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Maximize the potential of your pig herd!

A computer tool for GTTT (Technical management of sow herds) and performance improvement in pig farming. Data centralization and accessibility are guaranteed wherever you are.

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Tools for controlling and analyzing the performance of pig farming in the office

  • Dashboard or cockpit to view the main GTTT results of the farm
  • Alerts on sows with problems or late entry
  • Access to graphs on performance by herd, overall or the distribution of the herd by rank of litter of sows, etc.
  • Direct access to ultrasound schedules, farrowing, piglet weaning, etc.
  • Access to the list of sows to cull in priority
  • Tape performance check weekly
  • The advantages of Cloud mode: your data is secure and stored on the server
  • Anytime, anywhere access to data
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Use of the Smartphone or/and Tablet directly in the pig farm

  • Entry of reproduction events through the sow file
  • Access to the history of all sows at any time
  • Responsiveness in making decisions about culling a sow
  • A modern and easy tool that motivates farm employees and makes them more autonomous
  • Entry of sanitary treatments and consultation of the treatment history of a sow
  • Reading of the automatic sow number with the QR-code on the maternity sheet
  • Easy and fast entry of mortalities under the mother
  • The tablet / smartphone works without an Internet connection in the farm

Analysis tools by theme to assess your pig farming with the help of your partners

  • Career performance analysis to cull problem sows
  • Sow body condition analysis (ELD, EMD, score, weight)
  • Sow fertility analysis
  • Detailed analysis of piglet mortalities in farrowing
  • Analysis of the herd by litter rank
  • Sow fertility analysis
  • Heat returns analysis
  • Analysis of the ISS1
  • Detailed health analysis in breeding
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Control the use of antibiotics and present the health record during the control

  • Enter the treatments carried out on your sows and suckling piglets
  • Control the withdrawal period of cull sows
  • Use the catalog of medicinal products authorized for animal husbandry (provided by Anses-IFIP)
  • Calculate the estimated need for the number of doses
  • Print sow treatment schedules
  • Analyze treatments by pathology
  • Print the health record and the extract from the breeding register
  • Check cull sow waiting times
  • Export your health data to the IFIP GVET database

Reading of RFID tags for sows and piglets (Allflex)

  • Assignment of a transponder to a breeder or tattooed
  • Reading of the RFID tag when entering farrowing, weaning or culling
  • Reading of the animal's loop in grouped entry of projections, ultrasounds and health treatments
  • Animal sorting with RFID tag reading
  • Option compatible with an Allflex RS480 and LPR tag reader

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A great technological advance! We really appreciate this new technical management tool! A monitoring and decision-making tool used on a daily basis on our farm.  Congratulations!

Joanne LaBranche

Élevage Quali-Porc inc.

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