History of SIGA

Welcome to Siga, your trusted partner since 1981 in the agricultural sector. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to developing tailored software solutions for producers and stakeholders across all agricultural sectors.

Siga offers a comprehensive range of software and services to meet the needs of farmers, covering various aspects of agricultural management.

Our mission is to provide specific, effective, and simple IT solutions to enable quick and informed decision-making. We also provide comprehensive support, including phone support, tips, help sections, group or private training sessions, and much more.

At Siga, our mission is clear: to provide simple and effective management tools, thus facilitating quick and informed decision-making. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, listening and being responsive to the evolving needs of farmers. Our exemplary customer service is the cornerstone of our approach.

Located in Drummondville, at the heart of the Quebec agricultural landscape, our company is firmly rooted in the region. Choosing Siga software means surrounding yourself with a dynamic team that is firmly focused on the future. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a value that guides each of our actions.

With Siga, you benefit from tailored, accessible, and reliable solutions to ensure the success of your agricultural operation.

SIGA's headquarters

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Farmers' customers


accountants & advisors


Formation of the SIGA company by a group of 5 individuals: 4 professors from Laval University and 1 agricultural manager.


Construction of the inaugural office in Drummondville.

Partnership agreement between SIGA and WIC (Wickham Company) renowned at the time for the sale and distribution of small agricultural machinery.



Assets purchased by three of the founding members (Richard Messier, Marc Tétreault, and Yvan Fortier). Establishment of the company SIGA Informatique 2000 Inc.


Construction of the current building located at 1105 Hains Street, Drummondville.


Building a second floor on the premises to facilitate the company's continued growth and enable the hiring of additional sales and developer personnel.


The company joins the Isagri Group to enhance its development capabilities and gain the support of a network and agricultural management tools.



After 7 years of revamping the classic Siga Finance software, SIGA officially launches the new Siga Finance evo software for agricultural accounting management.



SIGA Informatique 2000 inc.

1105, rue Hains
Drummondville (Québec) J2C 6G6

819 472-3770